Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Calling all Adventurers!

Come and help us build a new leisure destination, and create and expand a new hotel brand.
We're the Founders of Everyman Cinemas and we're embarking on a new adventure.
We're creating a new national leisure destination called The Waterfront on the Marine Lake at Southport, including the launch of the UK's first Bliss Hotel.
With its Hotel, Theatre, Conference Centre, Casino and direct coastal location, we want to make Waterfront Southport one of THE coastal locations in the UK with ambitions to expand Bliss Hotel further across the UK and beyond.

Current Opportunities

Office Manager - Bliss Hotel/Waterfront Southport

Do you have the organisational skills of Marie Kondo? Can you handle numbers like Carol Vorderman? Do you lead with a firm hand and a kind heart like Jon Snow? Well this role could be one for you. We are looking for someone to help us become the key stone of our head office bringing departments together through the power of organisation, communication and positivity.

Office Manager (PDF)

Sales Manager - Bliss Hotel/Waterfront Southport

Are you hungry for a win? Do you serve conversions as well as Federer serves aces? Can you lead a team to victory in a fast paced and bustling environment? Then we want You! We are looking for a Sales Manager like no other. Someone who is hungry for a win, with leadership skillsto rival Jurgen Klopp. Your time will be spent immersing yourself in the business, leading a team of sales co-ordinators to victory by selling Waterfront Southport’s unique and exciting offering.

Sales Manager (PDF)

Operations Manager - Bliss Hotel/Waterfront Southport

Are you a charmer with exquisite attention to detail? Do you live to create magical moments for clients and customers, inspiring your team to do the same? We are looking for a dynamic, driven operations manager. Someone with vision and expertise for bringing large scale eventsto lifeand a passion for food and drink who always delivers something far beyond the customers’ expectations.

Operations Manager (PDF)