Southport Theatre & Convention Centre (STCC) is managed by Bliss Space (Southport) Ltd on behalf of Sefton Council. Further to the article this morning in The Champion, we feel we need to respond as a number of facts within today’s piece are factually incorrect and inflammatory.


The dates for the British Chess Championships have been on hold since 2018 and were again changed by the organisers this May. During this time STCC had to turn away several pieces of business in anticipation of the event taking place.


The article in this morning’s Champion states “once the contract was re-quoted organisers chose to take it to Torquay…as it made it financially unviable”. We can confirm the venue at no time ‘re-quoted’ a contract with the Chess Championships. The cost to host and properly run an event of this size, in a large scale space such as STCC comes with a large cost. Unfortunately this meant that should we have chosen to host this event, we would have actually lost a large amount of money which is not sustainable for the venue.  We spoke to the organisers to explain this and as they were still deciding between locations they were happy to stick with their original venue, in Torquay. The organisers at no point gave any negative feedback, or expressed dissatisfaction with our decision. In fact, they understood our position completely.


We remain dedicated to bringing high profile events to our town and are working hard to raise the profile of the venue through improved and creative theatre programming and increased events and conferences that bring economic benefit to the town.


We feel our local paper should support and work in partnership with the businesses in the town, to create and build a sense of pride of place for the residents of Southport and to help bring people together.  Bliss has amazing plans to revitalise Waterfront and help develop Southport, to its full potential, hence choosing Southport to be home of the very first Bliss Hotel.


We’re fully behind and fully committed to Southport – we believe now more than ever it’s time to #StandUpForSouthport, and this starts with us all coming together and supporting our local businesses.

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